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American Pickers-Storage Wars-Hoarders

The Pick

My husband and I began re-purposing antique furniture a couple of years ago, when my son was in college and in need of a summer job. Our daughter, also, helped when she moved back to our area from Chicago.

My daughter and I have great adventures going to auctions--always ready to bring back a great story.

We love wondering who is going to do what with their treasures?????

My son is now married and is working elsewhere.

He left behind his best friend, though, who is finishing his Master’s Degree--in need of extra cash --willing to get dirty. Hence--the perfect fit for the perfect summer job. He is such a gift and joy to us.

He was pulling out a dresser to begin sanding, when he found an old, old photograph left behind in one of the drawers.

Someone's Daughters
Some Where
Some Time

What unknown person will my discarded images touch?

My dear friend’s photos
My celebration moments
Marked in time
Yet, “a chasing after the wind”

Only to make an Imprint on the Heart of a Stranger...

                                                                         Blessings, Becky



"Simple strokes on a page
Eternities, secrets revealed
Carried on from age to age
It speaks truth to us even still.."
The Word is Alive, Casting Crowns

I hope you can’t wait to begin reflecting in your Journal...

If you need to catch up, just refer back to yesterday’s Post

On to the inside...


Make the inside cover pattern out of card stock. Draw a pattern by measuring from the binding to the outside edge of the inside notebook. Come in 1/8” from the outside edge of the notebook for the measurement.


Measure from the top & bottom of the inside cover and come in 1/8” at the top & bottom.


Using scrapbook paper cut 2 pieces for the inside linings.


With a glue stick, go over the paper and edges. Place inside the notebook by centering into place.


For your personal touch, add a special charm on the end of the book mark.
I added a prayer box charm, a good friend gave me with her prayer for me...


 Remember to Reflect...
                                                                                            Blessings, Becky

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JOURNEY the journal

If this is your first day on the Journey, you might like to 
Go Back to Come Forward:

Hope you had fun choosing your cover material...

Let’s begin...

notebook(any bound notebook will work. you can get this one at
material to cover exterior of notebook, ruler ,scissors,
scrapbook paper to cover inside, notebook ,pencil, spray adhesive,
card stock for pattern ,glue stick


Lay notebook open on card stock--right side of notebook facing upward. Draw 3/4” allowance on each side of pattern around the notebook. Cut out pattern.







 Lay out pattern on material.                     Spray multi-adhesive
         Cut out material.                                    on the outside
                                                                      of the notebook.


Place the fabric right side down on working surface. Put the notebook with the adhesive side down with 3/4” allowance on the fabric.

Fold the notebook and finger-press all wrinkles out of notebook.
Close the notebook and trim only the top & bottom fabric to 1/2” allowance.

Place a dot of tacky glue on top of each corner of the notebook. Press down the fabric diagonally over the glue. Fold fabric down on each corner.


Where the notebook folds at the binding, snip the fabric on either side of binding--Do this at the top & bottom.

Place a dot of tacky glue inside the binding area. Tuck fabric down into binding, top & bottom. Finger press frayed edges of fabric into the binding, using a toothpick if needed. This will give the notebook a polished look.


Cut ribbon 4” longer than notebook...
Put another dot of glue in the middle of the top binding only. Put ribbon into the binding over the glue dot.
Finish gluing down side edges of notebook.


Tomorrow we will finish the inside...

Blessings, Becky


...the sleeve

The cover of your journal should be a part of your story.
So as you think about your cover, let me present to you my sleeve.
It has a time worn heritage...

Sadie Frances(don’t you love that name?) was my Father’s Mother (my grandmother)...

I rarely saw her not working with her long slender fingers--
Holding knitting needles
Sitting at a quilting frame
Pedaling the sewing machine...

She also hung wallpaper to earn money for the farm.
A small, frail woman with great creativity & greater tenacity, ready to take on any task.
 A month ago, my mother brought over a pillow my grandmother had made.

(You will often find the common theme that many things are passed down
from generation to generation )

The pillow was hard & totally unappealing...
My curiosity got the best of me. I had to know what it was stuffed with...
Fluffy it was NOT....

SO, my good friend & I began peeling back the layers of the pillow--


Thirteen different covers on the same pillow...
the meaning of the word frugal is understated

Finally, under the last pillow layer--
the stuffing began to fly out (literally)

Brown Feathers

I couldn’t recall goose down being brown---
no, geese are not brown

Then, it occurred to me--of course--

Chicken Feathers

My grandmother would have used the nearest resource--in her backyard.

So, like my grandmother I chose to use my closest resource--
the fabric from the pillow to cover
my journal

Choose a fabric dear to your heart--
a hand embroidered dresser scarf
a fabric from a favorite top

Have fun...

Tomorrow we will begin.
                                                                                Blessings, Becky


I picked up this notebook the other day to journal my thoughts--

An extra journal left over from a jr.high Sunday School class I taught--

The 7th grade girls loved making them --better yet cherished them as they wrote their thoughts in them...

They were beginning their journey--

  A place to express their thoughts that grow into dreams

    Dreams that remain the same.

  Dreams that are detoured...

adapted, or even

         Dreams denied..............

Only to have new ones arise.

        Dreams that give a life of hope...........

Over the next few days I will share with you how to create your own personal diary--

  where you can cherish your dreams...

    write your thoughts...

      draw your life journey...

                                                                              Blessings, Becky