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I came across this in some "stuff" my Mom gave me--
It belonged to my Grandfather...

I come from a loooooong lineage of educators...
My Mother's Mother graduated from a Normal School..
(a Normal School was created to train high school graduates to be teachers,
Later, some of these schools were called teachers' colleges
and some, later, became universities...)
My Mother's Mother's Sister (my Great-Aunt) taught school...
My Mother's Father (my Grandfather) taught High School,
was a High School Principal, and a Superintendent of County Schools..
His Sister, (my Great-Aunt Dora) taught High School English..
My Mother taught Elementary School...
My Sister taught High School Math...
I taught High School Art for four years...
None of my children teach
My Son married the cutest, most energetic first grade teacher...
Many of my dearest friends are educators.....
When we visited "The Warehouse'
It was no wonder that this was one of my Favs...

The Library Table 

Her "bones' are beautiful--
Made of Solid Oak....

She just needed that extra special attention...
(Don't we all?) 

Annie Sloan's Chalk Paint watered-down to a nice glaze brought her back to life...
She was sold immediately--
kept through Christmas
to be enjoyed at

I have been Amazed with the wealth of knowledge and talent
that you all share..

Thank you for being educators....
and giving the
"Power to put more into Life..."

"Teach me knowledge and good judgment......"Psalm119:66

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We are Preparing......

In the midst of the Frenzy
I am reminded of "Why?"

Santa's Plate and Milk are ready..

"The Stockings are hung...."


I am reminded of "Why?"


I am reminded of "Why?"

Have a Blessed Christmas Season
Be reminded of "Why"

                                                                   Blessings,  Becky

ANTIQUE BENCH…in the beginning

 When my husband and I were first married,
we had no furniture.
We both loved antiques,
antiques were just considered "OLD"
(not in a loving way)

We had NO sofa...
We purchased 1/2 of a 12 foot church bench for our living room.
(It was all we could afford)

The 6 foot bench moved from an apartment
my Grandparent's farmhouse
the house that blew away
our home today...

My husband cut the bench down again to fit in our foyer...

I love antique church benches......

Could my love for them be from sitting looking at these windows every Sunday,
growing up?
Who Knows?

I do know that one afternoon, my good friend and I were driving through the country to my house,
we drove by a garage sale 
where something caught my eye.
(Notice:  We weren't going to stop)

We turned around and drove the long driveway
to get a closer look.....

I Could Not Believe It...
It was exactly what I thought....

A Church Pew from MY Church 
that I attended growing up,
 got married in,
where my children were christened .

It was For Sale
I HAD to have it....
The family that was selling the bench went to church with my family
Our church had closed its doors
and this family had retrieved one of the beloved benches.
It had been sitting in a garage for many years
and needed some extra attention.

I didn't know where I was going to put it
how I was going to get it home...

They did not have a price on it
and the price quoted was far too low for me to pay.
It was worth more to me and I paid them more..
(Has anyone gone to a garage sale where you paid more than they were asking?) 

I know that I said I love church benches,


It was Sanded and Sanded and Sanded...
it still holds its distinctive original beauty.

Did I say I love church benches?

                                    Blessings,  Becky

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"The light shines in the darkness,
the darkness has not overcome it."  John 1:5


Rectangles, Triangles, Circles--
Angles and Angels

The light of these things
come together
in the eyes
of a 
six year old.


Draw your manger by using 
Rectangles, Triangles, and Circles..


       Clean the image by            Using chalk, trace over    Turn the image over
tracing it onto tracing paper      the image on the back      Rub on the ornament



       Place the ornament             Paint glue onto area           Glitter the glue area
       into a cup to paint...

Finish painting and glueing the ornament.

The Journey is always seen best through the eyes of a child...

                                        Blessings,  Becky

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Oh, my gosh..I’m going to have the Son of God….

"It could have
begun anywhere,
the story of the King.
But curiously,
it began in a manger.

Step into the doorway,
peek through the window...

He is here..."
                                         Max Lucado

My Granddaughter has not stopped asking to watch this Party.
She even wants to have a Glow-Stick Party.....

We threw our own party instead....
Not with Glow-Sticks...
The kind I love 
She is beginning to love...

One where He is the Guest of Honor...
we are Celebrating Him...

Tomorrow, Bri and I will 
show you how she made this simple ornament
Celebrating His Birth....

                                          Blessings,  Becky

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