Where Calm Faces Chaos

 My hope has always been to have a Working Space
where I could Dream, Create, Express..
I began this hope years ago,
working in  Quonset Hut Art Studios
at a small college in Kentucky... 
Quonset hut definition: a prefabricated shelter made of corrugated metal, shaped like a longitudinal half of a cylinder resting on its flat surface...

I have been flowing through Pinterest
and my mind is dreamily putting together the perfect Studio...
I can set up space anywhere...
Materials organized in such a manner to easily touch and create...
A table to layout the Design...
Can you see it?????
When we built the house that blew away

We added an extra bedroom, bath and a porch to the new house...
We agreed that I could use the new bedroom as a studio...

Not many are invited into this room..
My closest friends are not often allowed to enter 
Because it is usually a total upheaval....

I let myself get caught up in the process of so many projects..
that chaos has set-in..
With that said....
I am allowing you to enter...
My hope is that you will see the potential...
As I Sort, Organize, and Create a place
To Dream, Create, and Express.


It is here that I would like to
Share my journey of creating beauty out of chaos with you...
In order to begin this process,
I am constantly making notes....
Even my computer space has been taken over...

I thought if I could organize my thoughts on an organized space..
Then I could organize the room..


I painted a clipboard, painted burlap, and Mod Podged a linen on the clipboard...

Just the Beginning....
To Be Continued.....
                                                  Blessings,  Becky



7 Responses to Where Calm Faces Chaos

  1. On my gosh, I love you. Why cause your craft room looks just like mine!!!! With the amount of project going on especially for the blog it’s so easy to let clutter get out of control. No matter how I organize it just keeps getting out of hand. So I am so interested in how you “keep” things together. Thanks for sharing your creative inspiration at Sunday’s Best.

    • Cathy…Things are coming together…Hopefully after it is all completed, I will be able to maintain my calm and sanity and there will be no more chaos…
      Blessings, Becky

  2. This was such a moving post. So sad that you lost your home in a tornado but it looks like you were blessed with many friends, a lot of helping hands, and a beautiful new home. I don’t want to feature this post on next week’s party at beColorful but I will be featuring it when I do my post on Craft Room organization. Hopefully you will find a few helpful ideas for your soon to be organized space too. :D Thanks for linking up this week.

    • Pam…Thank you for your kind words and sweet encouragement…I am so blessed…What a joy it is to be able to make something beautiful out of the mess…
      Blessings, Becky

  3. How adorable! You’ve inspired me to try my hand at making one. Kudos to you for wanting to make a creatively organized studio. Best wishes.

  4. Sharon @ Elizabeth & Co.

    What a pretty way to organize your thoughts!

  5. Love it, I look forward to seeing more. Hugs

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